AmplePac is a sustainable packaging company working towards mitigating single use waste by introducing Circular Economy based reusable packaging & technology.

AmplePac & India Reuse

To create 1 million climate warriors & social entrepreneurs by 2030 from 140 countries, through a Travel fellowship program working towards achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development goals. Building a community of conscious and ethical travelers collectively working on community upliftment social and environmental impact.

Cherish Expeditions

KFPL is a Kanpur based award winning startup that is revolutionizing the way India handles the megaton temple-waste and agro-stubble problem into making innovative and sustainable products. Along the way providing livelihood to marginalized women, empowering our mission of preserving the Ganges from pollution.

Kanpur Flowercycling Pvt. Ltd.


Encamp Adventures automates travel itinerary development and carbon emissions calculation for individual travelers, Online Travel Agencies, and Government tourism departments for a 20% flat fee on total offset funds generated through the platform.

Encamp Adventures

Immersion India guides students, corporate executives, faculty and professionals on study-centric, experiential learning programs in urban and rural India.

Immersion India

No Footprints Brings to the fore community based stories and cultural practices that are being lost due to urbanization.

No Footprints


Joy Of Parking, Contactless & Interoperable Digital Parking Management System


NavAlt is a pioneer in solar-powered electric boats after the launch of India’s first zero-emission ferry Aditya in 2017. NavAlt envisions making marine transport more efficient by drastically reducing the energy and resources needed for operations and maintenance.

NavAlt Solar & Electric Boats

Transforming travel experiences through pragmatic innovative solutions to better engage with travelers and deliver value to all stakeholders.



AirOWater as the world’s #1 air to water generator made using green technology that harvests water from the Humidity in the air. It's one‐of‐a‐kind, reliable and adaptable technology that creates water from the air, giving fresh, bacteria-free & pure drinking water.


A sustainable construction & hospitality asset management firm. Spreading awareness for sustainable building and leading a paradigm shift by offering solutions to convert your assets into star performers.


The ColdFox is a virtual reality content production company that creates VR experiences for businesses and consumers.

The ColdFox VR